Hey, I'm Mary.

I’m a lover of art, design, and nature. I come from a family of musicians, artists, writers, and painters. For me, the creative gene developed through photography (but I like to write, sing, and paint too.) When I’m not shooting, you will probably find me buying and attending to my plants, traveling, reading, cuddling an animal, shopping for antiques or mid-Netflix binge.

Telling you anything about myself would be incomplete without mentioning my dog, River (pictured below), she is my bestie and I would bring her with me everywhere if I could. It has been my dream to travel the world with my camera & my dog, shooting many rolls of film and bringing people joy with my images. In 2016 River and I moved across the world from Perth, Australia, to England. We lived in the UK for nearly 4 years and I spent the time shooting and traveling all over – living my dream. I have just returned to Australia in Feb 2020 and am so happy to explore this incredible country with fresh eyes and a deep appreciation for its beauty, sunshine and relaxed lifestyle.

I shoot in an artistic documentary style and am a fairly non-traditional photographer, with a relaxed, gentle and quiet approach. Genuine emotion, honesty, and vulnerability are where I find beauty. I adore romance, moody light, and images that make you feel. Seeing people in some of their most intimate moments is a rare thing, that I get to experience often in this crazy job, and it makes me feel super privileged I get to do what I do.

I love connecting with the couples I work with, spending such a rare, emotional and fun bit of time with them, and bringing something beautiful into their life. It means a lot to me to capture something that will be treasured by you, your family and future generations. Photos that you can look back on and remember just how wildly happy, crazy in love and wonderful both you felt.

Thank you for checking out my work, I hope you connect with it. If you do, please say hello!


Hanging out with some Australian Native flowers.

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River and I in the woods in England.


River & I in Bath, UK - where we lived.


Exploring in Gordes, France.


On boat in Lake Como, Italy.


On the coast of Victoria, Australia.


Deep in the Scottish woodland.