Rachel & Emilie. It’s hard to sum up this incredibly fun and emotional day. Which was my favourite part? It could be when Rachel walked down the aisle to Emilie flanked by both her mother & father, and the absolutely luminous joy emanating from both bride’s faces as they saw each other. It could be when Rach & Em got all their ceremony guests to sing along to ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ at the top of their lungs, never have I experienced such a wonderfully free, unbridled moment at a wedding ceremony. It could be when the girls danced out of their ceremony and had a moment alone together where they uncontrollably gushed about each other’s outfits, the morning they’d spent apart, how they’d felt during the build-up to this moment, and a million other things, clearly overflowing excitement and happiness. It could be when the two of them and their friends and family all made such hilarious speeches, I genuinely struggled to shoot properly from laughing. It could be when Rach & Em started their version of a first dance to a live brass cover of ‘Sexual Healing’ whilst a wall rose revealing them to their guests. It could be when the three of us took a wander together for portraits, and watching how completely into each other these two were genuinely made me tear up. Seriously. God, I adored this day and this couple so much. Rach & Em are lucky enough to be in love with their best friend.

Venue: Town Hall Hotel
Emilie’s outfit: Alexa Chung
Rachel’s gown: Halfpenny London
Florals: Grace & Thorn